Keyboard Compatibility

If you ever end up with a broken mouse or an arm god forbid! mostly you will understand the reason why websites and apps need to be operable by a keyboard, which allows you to access and move between links, buttons, forms, and other controls using the Tab key and other keystrokes, in a way that it wouldn't require a mouse at it all.

Contrast in color

Choosing colors with poor contrast makes navigating, reading, and interacting a real pain.Isn’t that right as you can see? specially for people with low contrast sensitivity which become more common as we age, and people with color blindnessThat what good design means, a sufficient contrast between foreground and background colors, not just text and images but links, icons, and buttons. so that websites and application can be easier to be used in more situations and for a lot of people.You know what they say: if it is important enough to be seen, then it needs to be clear

Clear layout and design

Poor layout can be very frustrating, and the same applies to the web, good design involves good layout, and that means a better user experience, this includes clear heading, navigation bars, and consistent stylingOtherwise Complex layout makes finding information difficult or even impossible for people with visual disabilities, such as people with low vision who are using screen magnification and only see a portion of the screen at a time, or People with cognitive and learning disabilities who need clarity and consistency to orient themselves on a website.Also, bad design will impact anyone who isn’t particularly confident around computers.

Text to speech

If you can read this then clap for you, you are lucky! since some people who are blind or have dyslexia can’t see nor read this text even, but fortunately, computers can convert text to speech, thanks to text-to-speech software and screen readers which provide important functionality such as navigating through headings, speaking image alternatives, and identifying internal and external links. They can also highlight the text as it is being read aloud for people to see and hear the content at the same time.In order for this to work, websites and apps have to be properly coded, which has the added benefit of helping search engines index websites contents betterAnd Yes! the kind of people who just like to multi-task, like you dear reader, can get used of this technology too!

Large Links, Buttons, and Controls

Remember when you had this small screen phone and pressing a link or a button or a checkbox was a difficult thing to be done because they were placed too close to each other? we feel you… and that’s why in order to make things easier for normal people or people with physical disabilities, the area for clicking and tapping controls must be large enough for people to activate them, which means larger controls or activation areas around the controls, also providing adequate separation between selectable controls, and provide labels for controls, which enlarges the activation area in many browsers since the label for checkboxes and option buttons is also clickable.

Video Captions

Imagine watching a video without audio, it’s like listening to an empty song on repeat, just a waste of your time, right? … things are the same for deaf people or people with hard hearing, or people with cognitive and learning disabilities.But thanks to Captions which are a text form of audio information in video and animations, everyone can understand the content of a video, and not only the words but also the sounds like music, laughter, and noises. Captions must be synchronized with the visual content to contextualize them. Not only for recorded videos, but Captions must be made available even with pre-recorded and live video content. Captions have to be provided and uploaded in the framework.

Customizable Text

What is your favorite text color and size?As we ask you this we know about the differences in answers for each individual and that's why customization isn't always just a question of preference, sometimes it’s a necessity. being able to adjust the text is crucial for people with low vision and dyslexia. Properly coded websites and applications allow the text to be customized, so you can for example change its size, spacing, font, and colors. Without loss in function or clarity, which means using relative rather than absolute units for the size of fonts, controls, and other objects.Websites and applications should use the operating system and web browser text settings and could also provide information to help users change their settings. Web browsers and other web tools need to provide users with text customization functionality in order to make using the website experience suitable for all.

Understandable Content

You probably read explanations to know more simply about things, but what if what we read is more complicated than the thing itself!And in order to avoid that, content must be easy to follow and understand for many users, this means simply avoiding overly complex sentences and jargon, and providing a clear layout and design.This will help people with disabilities who cannot understand complex sentence structures and vocabulary, and people with cognitive disabilities who have difficulty focusing on long passages of dense text, or even people who are not fluent in the language

Notifications and Feedback

Let's say you are signing in to a website and you entered a wrong password but no alert message was displayed to tell you that you need to re-enter your password correctly, how would you know that you need to?Because of that, users need clear and simple language confirmation messages when actions are completed and error messages to provide clear directions rather than confuse users who might have some cognitive and learning disabilities, partial sight and blindness, or even not confident using computers and the web.